Silaha Collection

Silaha - Shield

Ancestors of the word shield include the Old English scild, similar to sciell, or “shell”, which suggests the meaning of the word. If you are a turtle, you might use your shell as a shield. But a shield doesn't have to be something physical. Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard onec said, “Love is my sword, goodness my armor, and humor my shield.”

We want to honor the woman who sometimes needs to put on an exoskeleton, a shield, to go out in the world and “get it done”. Having learned how to protect her inner self the ruffles, flounces and loose structures are the first “layer of protection”of a very tender heart. Women all over the world have to navigate this life with very different challenges and paths. All of us have to be very strong while still remaining soft at core.


What is your Silaha?

What is your Silaha?

Sophia Omoro